Wings To Wings Dance Studio Singapore Denise Lwin

Denise Lwin

Ms Denise Lwin scored straight distinctions with the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD UK) from Grades 3 to 8. She has also completed her Major Levels Intermediate and Advanced Certifications (RAD Vocational Graded - Advanced 1). Her other dance achievements include scoring Honours in ATODI Jazz Silver Star and Gold Medal exams.

Denise has been teaching for 10 years, and graduated from the RAD Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies (RAD CBTS) in 2010. She is now a registered teacher with RAD, CSTD and ATOD. Her students have performed well, achieving Distinctions and Merits for their exams. She has taught classes in partnership with Esplanade, National Arts Council, Homeschooling Sports Day, and many more. 

She has choreographed and performed for various performances and charity concerts such as the Channel 8’s "Fei Tung Bing Dian" (沸腾冰点), Straits Times Pocket Money Fund, Myanmar Cyclone Concert, Singapore Lindy Revolution and other projects. Her students have performed and competed in Get the Beat and CSTD dance competitions, as well as B-Dazzled Show Choir Festival.                               

As a strong advocate that anyone can dance, Denise teaches an array of classes from children to adults. Her adult Ballet students take the RAD Graded Examination while she is also experienced in teaching dance to children with special needs from Secondary Schools, MINDS, and My School Bag.


Melissa Lim

Melissa pursued dance professionally and graduated from LASALLE in 2018.

As an educator and instructor, she instils somatic work in her classes. It is through her pursuit of movement that she finds great fulfilment in exploring, questioning, discovering, learning and sharing.

Melissa hopes to create a space where creative individuals, regardless of their backgrounds, can grow in the physical realm and as a whole.

“As long as you are still breathing, there is movement, there is life, there is hope - so dance, dance, dance while you can!”


Lee Wan Yu

Lee Wan Yu began her dance training with Ms Sylvia McCully, a respected pioneer of the Singapore dance scene. Starting out with ballet at the age of 5, she went on to pursue a full-time dance education at NAFA, and later at State University of New York at Purchase, where she trained rigorously in Ballet, Modern and Contemporary Dance.

She has had the opportunity to perform both locally and overseas, in countries such as South Korea and New York City as a student, and Hong Kong as a professional dancer. She has worked with various choreographers, such as Dr Filomar Cortezano Tariao (Philippines), Hollis Bartlett, Keerati Jinakunwiphat, Kevin Wynn (USA), Liu Wen-Chun (Taiwan) and Yoshiko Chuma (Japan/USA).

Aside from performing, she is also pursuing choreography, presenting her very first work in 2017, titled "Her Voice", at NAFA's annual Diploma in Dance Showcase, Crossings, and re-staging it at the Esplanade Recital Studio for The Next Generation, as part of the Esplanade's da:ns Festival. Upon finishing her contract as a professional dancer in Hong Kong, she is excited to resume her dance career back home in Singapore.

Wings To Wings Dance Studio Singapore Kwa Chze Siang

Chze Siang

As a dancer, performer and instructor, Chze Siang is always looking for new ways to express himself and improves both his art form and technique. He believes that no matter the age or physical attributes one can always improve and reach one’s goal with proper training and good guidance. Dancing and performing have taught him much about life: How things are related to one another and that the journey through good and bad times are what matters most. He is grateful for what he has accomplished and welcomes new experiences that is still to come.


Hannah Lin

Hannah started out doing ballet when she was 6 years old and her interest for hip hop came when she was 14 years old.
Her experiences includes performing for events such as Singapore Media Awards,
Ocean Butterflies 25th anniversary concert and Diner en Blanc.

She also performed alongside local artistes JJ Lin, Kit Chan, By2 and A-do.

Hannah and her crew members also managed to clinch champion and runner ups for various K-pop competitions.

She is passionate about dancing and plans to continue to better herself.

Hannah has been exposed to Hip Hop, Waacking, Street Jazz and Jazz.