Modern Jazz Graded Classes


Duration: 1-2 hours

Modern Jazz Dance combines energetic expression with strong dance technique. It is usually stylishly danced to popular upbeat music. In the higher levels, students are exposed to different styles of Jazz such as Lyrical and Broadway.

Our syllabus is based on the internationally recognized Commonwealth Society of Teachers in Dancing (CSTD) from PreJazz (5 years old and above) to Grade 8. Students are to be dressed in Wings to Wings uniform for these classes. 

*It is compulsory for Modern Jazz students to take Ballet classes as a supplement to build up their techniques. Ballet exams will not be compulsory.*

Students who are advised by trainers to take the exams will start their coaching classes from October to April, and take the Exams April. Students can also look forward to performing in our annual end of year concert. 

Students will:
* Understand the fundamentals of jazz dance: turns, steps, kicks, etc.
* Learn about posture, co-ordination and positioning.
* Promotes body conditioning.
* Understand various dance styles, basic footwork and use of space.


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