Ballet Graded Classes (RAD and CSTD)

60 - 120 MINS

The timeless elegance of the ballet dance form is the core of our dance curriculum. Ballet has the ability to engage the mind in a positive state while giving the body a holistic workout from head to toe, and enhances body postures with strong torsos. Ballet is also a pillar to expand into other dance structures easily and effectively. 

Our students take the internationally recognized Commonwealth Society of Teachers in Dancing (CSTD) Syllabus Pre-Ballet (5 years old and above) to Primary, and the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Syllabus Grade 1 to Grade 8, Vocational. Students are to be dressed in Wings to Wings uniform for these classes. 


Following the progression from Pre-Ballet through to Grade 8 allows for techniques to be taught systematically and in a structured manner. Students who are advised by trainers to take the exams will start their coaching classes from October to April, and take the Exams April. Students can also look forward to performing in our annual end of year concert.

Vocational grades are designed for older children usually starting in tandem with Grades 6 and above. This set of exams are more technical and include pointe work. 

We provide a nurturing environment whilst still impressing upon students the value of discipline and hard work. Students are expected to greet every trainer upon arrival, they are also to bring a dance notebook to every class that they will use to write down any corrections, conditioning exercises, and homework that has been assigned to them.  

Ballet classes available at Wings:

Mummy&Me: 2-3years old 

Prep Ballet Jazz: 3-5years old

Primary: 6 years old 

Grade 1-8, Vocational: 7 years old onwards

*Subject to teacher's advice


A trial lesson is available for the teacher to assess the level of your child. Everyone is welcomed to call 65320406 or email us at for more details. 


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