Contemporary Ballet


25 mins Barre+ 10 mins Center exercises + 10 mins Across the floor + 15 mins Short choreography (3-4 sets of 8s; Changes monthly)

6 months of dance/movement knowledge preferable

Looking for a fusion between Ballet and Contemporary classes for adults? Combining the structure of Ballet technique and freedom of Contemporary dance in the upper body, this style allows one to break out of the rigidity of structured forms to express emotions and introduce edgy movements.

Classes will help 

  • Build understanding of alignment and musicality while working to increase flexibility and strength

  • Find freedom in the upper body, opening the chest and finding off-balances

  • Understanding fluidity and accents according to the accompaniment, greater sensitivity to the music

Exercises include: Foot articulation, Off-balances and side bends, Fluidity in movements

Attire: Please wear fitness/comfortable attire, pants longer than knees preferable and socks/ballet shoes. Long hair must be neatly groomed. Short hair may be pulled away from the face.
Minimal jewellery for safety and comfort. This class can be taken barefoot. Socks or ballet slippers are recommended.

Students will get a clip of their choreography after every class to practise at home and track their progress.


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