Created in the early 20th century, contemporary dance is a very expressive style. It takes influence from dance forms, such as ballet and lyrical, but are more raw and initiated by feelings, gravity and breath. Explore your body and express yourself through dance in our contemporary classes.

1. Beginner


10 mins Warm up + 30 mins Technique exercises + 20 mins short choreography (Changes monthly)

Improve your understanding of contemporary dance with the use of weight, fall and recovery. The class will include exercises to stretch, strengthen and build a wider vocabulary of contemporary movements with proper techniques. We will start to introduce individual expressions to be reflected in movements as well.

No dance background required.

2. Intermediate


10 mins Warm up + 20 mins Technique exercises + 30 mins short choreography (Changes monthly)

This weekly open class intends to provide individuals with a set of tools for decision making in their dance. Interweaving between improvisation and technique, the class is geared towards allowing the body to acquire and experience movements internally and externally.

Each week, the class will look into the different ways in which movement arises from the body. How can we become increasingly aware of the ongoing dialogue that happens from within the body when moving? How do we become sensitive to how our body is feeling from a day to day basis? With some of these thoughts in mind, this class desires to work with movements through sensing. Through that, this class hopes to equip dancers with their own set of tools to allow them to express themselves to the fullest of their potential.

At least 6 months of experience with any movement/dance related classes.


Our instructor will have you travelling and rolling across the floor as if you were fluid! Contemporary open classes are split into 2 levels: Beginner and Intermediate.

Students will get a clip of their choreography after every class to practise at home and track their progress.

Attire: Please wear fitness/comfortable attire, pants longer than knees preferable and socks. Long hair must be neatly groomed in a tight bun.

Short hair may be pulled away from the face.

Minimal jewellery for safety and comfort.

This class can be taken barefoot. Socks or ballet slippers are recommended.


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